Brother Tilly

Brother Tilahun Mola is the founder and leader of YOHANNES INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, a small but impactful ministry that has helped hundreds of some of the poorest people in the world find hope in Jesus.

One of nine children, He was born in 1961 and raised in poverty. Against many challenges, with great determination, he completed his medical degree. As a young man, he became the Chief Nurse of Arba Minch Norwegian Medical specializing in psychiatric nursing.

Having a great ambition since his youth to take care of people’s needs and then discovering the unconditional love
of Jesus in 1987, his passion grew to use his medical training to help others discover Christ.

From Tilahun’s journal: “In 1987 my soul began asking for true joy, peace and rest. I did many other things to satisfy my soul, but I couldn’t find true joy and peace. On December 12, 1987, I decided to end my life by committing suicide.” In that moment, with little understanding about God and no knowledge of Jesus, he prayed and felt prompted to reach out to a known Christian in the area who told him about Jesus. Tilahun immediately accepted Christ as his Savior.

It was a time of civil war, famine and communist rule in Ethiopia. Tilahun began meeting in underground Bible study groups and sharing the love of Jesus with friends, family and hospital patients. Sometime after, he felt prompted by God to leave his current position and join the medical ministry HOPE FOR HIV/AIDS. One in thirteen adults in Ethiopia were infected with AIDS/HIV. Many victims were women and children. leaving many as orphans. Tilahun traveled to meet with thousands of church leaders helping them become educated about AIDS and more equipped to help victims.

In 2016 after a full year of prayer and preparation, he left his medical career and accepted a position with ROOTS ETHIOPIA, an American based nonprofit focused on helping those in need. Though ROOTS itself is not a faith-based organization, it gave Tilahun an open door to connect with the poor and introduce them to the love of Christ in a very tangible, grassroots way.

Through ROOTS ETHIOPIA, in October 2016, Tilahun met a team of 12 Americans from Vision Church, a small church in Tucson. During that 10-day experience, a bond of love and purpose was locked between Vision and Brother Tilly.

Stepping out in faith in 2017, Vision committed to begin supporting Tilly with $1,000 per month. Tilahun left ROOTS ETHIOPIA to start YOHANNES INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. With Tilahun’s experience, gifts, heart, hard work, and the financial backing of Vision Church and now Matthew 25 Mission, some of the poorest people in the world have received homes, churches, wells, food, clothing, and more. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, have found Jesus through this amazing partnership God has clearly created. We believe this is only the beginning of what God will do through Tilahun Mola and YOHANNES INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY.

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